EC Teachers snowed under……

By Mick (written on 2nd February 2009)

So, I guess I don’t have to tell you I’m snowed in – what a shock to wake up this morning and see everything covered in white. What I noticed most was the silence, no cars, no buses, just a few people walking down the middle of the road, all trying to get somewhere. I wrapped up warm and tried to take my usual route to work. Treading carefully trough the virgin snow, I trudged down to the bus stop feeling like Sir Ranulph Fiennes beginning an epic journey into the unknown. Unfortunately there was to be no such journey for me – London Transport had let me down and there were no buses. I reluctantly returned to base camp for refreshments and to plan a new strategy.
I tuned into the news channels to hear there was very limited transport and the advice was to stay at home if possible. Once I realised to try again would be futile, I managed to get to the bakery and bought provisions for the day.
After a hearty carb loaded breakfast I felt strong enough to face the elements and determined to make the most of a bad day. There was only one thing that I could do – and I knew I could do it well. I would build a snowman.
With the snow still falling, I set about my task with the assistance of my wife. We toiled together in the cold, working in tandem to achieve our common goal. If you build it – they will come.
So we did – and come they did. We have had many visitors to the front garden who have stopped to admire our work bringing me much satisfaction at a good job well done – and I was finally able to smile.
I hope your day hasn’t been too difficult and that you have all found something today that has made you smile J
Wrap up & take care!