Postcode personalities: you are where you live

I read a very interesting article today in The Times newspaper which  suggested that people from certain areas within the UK share certain personality characteristics. For example, Londoners were said to be more open and extrovert but less friendly than other parts of Britain, whereas people from the East Midlands were considered more friendly and conscientious. Up in Scotland, the study found Scots more agreable than Londoners but less open to new experiences.

This report contradicts the idea that globalisation and the Internet are reducing the differences between regions because people are more open to differences and with an Internet connection anyone could work anywhere in the world.

I think there may be some truth in the findings of this study. Certainly, I’ve noticed there are a lot of like-minded people where I live and work. However, is this  not just  another type of stereotyping, just regional rather than national?

Do you think there may be some truth in the findings of this study?

Do you think this could be applied to people from your own country?

Here’s a link the the article – have a read and let me know your comments!

IELTS FOCUS: Writing Part 1

In Part 1 of the Writing Paper, you are asked to summarise some visual information. In order to make your answer organised and easy to follow, you’ll need to use linking devices such as those highlighted in bold. These words act like signposts to the reader – if you don’t use them, your reader will get lost!