Credit Crunch Tip for the EC London Study Room

This week I began my project of improving our Self-Access Study Centre (a.k.a. The Study Room). I was amazed to see how many useful books, tapes and activities there are hiding there for both students and teachers.

It reminded me of a credit crunch tip I had heard on the radio the other day.

The DJ told the listeners about how she had spent her weekend cleaning out her loft. To her surprise she found a huge bag of summer clothes that she had worn before she got pregnant. Above her, hiding in her loft, was a brand new wardrobe of clothes that she loved but had simply been forgotten! And what’s more…she didn’t have to pay a penny! So her credit crunch tip was instead of spending money on new things, do a bit of cleaning and you will be surprised at the amount of things you can still use without opening your wallet.

So, that’s what I did! Although we are looking forward to getting some new books and CDs for our Self-Access Study Centre, there are lots of useful things hidden there and are sitting on the shelves waiting to be used. If you are not sure which resources are best for you then just come and ask me.

I’m looking forward to seeing you!



a.k.a = also known as

We use this when we want to show that two or more names may be given to something.

Credit crunch = The economic crisis the world is experiencing.

Tip = useful advise

loft = another word for attic

This is a room in your roof that is usually used for storage.