Strike action in London…

Here in London there may be a three-day strike on the underground from Tuesday to Thursday. This is bad news for commuters in London who rely on the tube as their principal means of transport. But there will be will extra buses and the overground trains will be still be running. If you don’t live too far from the school, you could walk or ride a bike to your lessons- keeping fit as well as saving the environment! Of course, if you think you are not able to come to school because of the strike, we will do everything we can to help you find a new route and we can even email you an English lesson.  Check your London transport route options on  or just come to Reception and we will try to help you.

Learn English – Vocabulary focus:

a strike (n) = a period of time when a group of workers stop working to protest over pay or working conditions etc
Collocations – verbs: to go on strike, to be on strike, to be out on strike, to stage a strike, to call off a strike
Collocations – adjectives/nouns + strike: a three-day strike, a general strike, a teachers’ strike, an unofficial strike