A zorbing adventure!

What can you see in the photo above? A giant bubble?A UFO? A tiny person in front of a bubble?

Well, I didn’t know  until Saturday, either. With 10 friends, I caught the train to Whytleaf South, 40 minutes outside of London, and headed into the coutryside. As we arrived, we could hear paintballing taking place  (I was worried about getting hit!). Then we saw them…the zorbs. Basically, a zorb is a huge trasparent ball that you climb inside with someone else, get strapped in and the get pushed down a hill. Hmmm, for someone who doesn’t like rollercoasters or adrenaline sports, this wasn’t my idea of fun. I chickened out very quickly but most of my friends took up the challenge.

I wouldn’t say they enjoyed it but my friends did feel proud of their achievements. If you would like to try zorbing, you could visit www.zorbing.co.uk for more information. I won’t be joining you, though!

Learn English – Vocab spot:
To chicken out – to be too scared to do something e.g. to chicken out of a dare/challenge/a dive

To go paintballing – to play a sport with guns filled with paint. Very painful, I hear.