Reading Club Question Time!

Every other week, all our intensive students have the opportunity to take part in a reading club in their elective – usually on a Friday.

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If you have taken part in a reading club, think about these questions:

1) How did the reading club work?

2) What was your “role” in the reading club?

3) What did you find easy?

4) What did you find difficult?

5) If you could do this reading club again, what would you do differently?

6) What advice would you give students taking part in a reading club for the first time?

7) Did you find the reading club useful / interesting/enjoyable?

8)  Who was the author of your story? Can you find out some information about this author?

9) Which new words/expressions did you learn during your reading club?

10) CHALLENGE: Write a short story about  an unusual reading club (200 words max)