EC Trip to Brighton

After the threat of storms and gales, it was a great relief when Sunday morning greeted us with wintry sunshine. 11 of us set off from Victoria to take the 60 minute train to Brighton. The late autumn countryside was lovely to see and it wasn’t long before we were walking through the ‘Lanes’ and enjoying the shops and stalls.

The lure of the seaside then proved too strong but first we found an outside cafe to enjoy a seaside lunch of fish and chips. Feeling reinvigorated we then ventured onto the beach and some of the braver ones of our group even tested the sea…………but only up to their knees!

After some chat and relaxation we walked back through the town and looked at the exterior and gardens of the Royal Pavilion and then visited the art gallery next door. Further refreshments were needed before we took the train home but after 20 minutes on the train the train stopped and because of a problem on the railway line, we had to take a bus and then another train before we got back to London. A return journey of 2.5 hours!

Despite this we had a very successful and enjoyable trip.

Written by Geoff