Breakfast Club: what was in our news this week

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning in EC London’s cafe, we hold our breakfast club where students can come and discuss the day’s news with a teacher or other EC team member. We have the news on the BBC but we also have a newspaper to discuss topics and new language. Some of the language we have discussed this week is below. We hope to see you at the next Breakfast Club for a chat and hopefully a good English start to your day!

a bin/ a rubbish bin  (n, count)= the place you out your rubbish e.g. crisp packet, old paper (British English)

trash (n, uncount) = what you throw away and the place you throw it (US English)

rubbish (n. uncount and adjective) = what you throw away and something that is terrible  e.g. That film was rubbish! (British English)

spam mail  (n. unc)= emails which are sent to you that you do not want

junk mail = emails which are sent to you that you do not want

uni (n, count) = university e.g. Which uni did you go to? I went to Royal Holloway Uni for 4 years

to soar (v) = to go up quickly e.g. the prices in London have soared / the birds soared above the city

sore/saw = the same pronunciation as “soar)

homophones= saw/sore/soar  = an example: words in English with the same pronunciation, but different spelling and different meaning

snowflakes (n. count)   = the snow that falls – each individual piece is a snowflake

to waste time = to not spend your time well or efficiently

to benefit from something = to spend your time well doing something e.g. We really benefitted from the EC Breakfast Club!