British Summertime!!!??? So, the clocks have gone forwards, and we are now officially in British Summertime. Here is this week’s weather, as forecast by the BBC. Do you see anything strange? Day Weather Wednesday Grey Cloud Thursday Sleet Shower Friday Heavy Rain Shower Saturday Thundery Showe … Read more

Sun, Sea & Singha Beer

I have been in Thailand now for almost two weeks on holiday and am proud to say that I have learnt several Thai phrases. I am not so proud to say that the one which gets most practice is “Beer Sing Song Kaa!” which means “Two Singha beers please!” My friend Gemma has lived in … Read more

EC Greenwich Outing 27th March

The thought of Spring must have encouraged people to venture out, as 24 students joined our group to explore the attractions of Greenwich. We took the DLR train through the City and Docklands arriving close to where the famous ship – the Cutty Sark is being restored. We walked through the centre of … Read more

April Fool’s Day on Thursday 1st April!

Did you know that April Fool’s Day began in France in 1564? Before then, the new year was celebrated on April 1! As some Europeans continued celebrating the new year on that day, they were called April fools and their friends would play silly tricks on them.Famous April Fool’s jokes:   I … Read more

Hung Parliament !

At breakfast club this morning I talked about “lobbying” and a “hung parliament”. The noun “Lobby” is the room or place in a house where you enter and wait. It is also the name of the area in the House of Commons which is where the elected UK government officials (“members of parliament” or “MP’s” f … Read more

EC London named as one of the Best Japan Schools of 2010

EC London is proud to announce that it has been named as one of the TOP 10 schools IN THE WORLD by the Japanese publication Ryugaku Journal ! The Ryugaku Journal has been recommending the best English schools for 40 years and the awards are based on 400 students’ feedback. EC London is the onl … Read more

Wedding crashing at Hampton Court Palace

Again another great sunny day for the social programme, this weekend we went back in time to the Hampton Court Palace. To help us navigate our way around the enormous palace we picked up audio headsets which gave us directions and fascinating information and insight. We were guided through the old k … Read more

Sun, Sea & Fish & Chips in Brighton

We chose the perfect day for our trip to Brighton, as the sun was shining and it felt like the winter was finally coming to an end. On arrival we headed straight for the lanes and as usual its boutique shops where bustling with people shopping looking for things both old and new. From there we follo … Read more