First day at EC London! (The Interns)

On our first day at EC London our task for the day was to be new students!

During the registration in reception, we were introduced to each other, and given an outline of the task for the day.

We started off at the EC Cafe with a short English test. We were just as nervous as the students, but once we began it was easy to understand and very clear.

After a short break, there was a Welcome talk, given by Laura. The information was very useful for the students as it covered topics such as; accommodation, landmarks, public transport etc.

This was followed by the Academic Induction by Rich. This outlined the different levels the students would be placed in. Information regarding timetables and how to read timetables was presented to the students. Although it seemed like a lot of information to take in, it was lively and fun!

It was also good that the students were asked questions, and were also given the chance to ask questions themselves, just in case there were any confusions.

Towards the end of the day we had a quick tour of the other EC London buildings. We were paired in groups, and given a short quiz to help find the other sites. Along the way we also got a glimpse of the local area.

After the tour, we all gathered again at the EC Cafe for a short Welcome Event. After students were given their timetables, we all got to eat for FREE at the Cafe, which everyone was very excited about!!

Overall, we really enjoyed ourselves and it was a nice experience being students once again! And it came as a shock for some of the  students to find out at the end of the day, that we were not students like them, after spending the whole day with them!!!