July Photography Competition

The first month of our new EC London Photography Competition has been a really great success and there were lots of exciting entries.

Assessing the photographs has been a very stimulating project and each photo has been carefully studied and evaluated. It wasn’t easy to narrow down the choices but in the end, two photos stood out as capturing both the spirit and the meaning of the competition.

On behalf of EC London I am delighted to announce that a winner and a runner up have now been chosen. The 1st prize winner will receive a free tour worth £50 and the 2nd winner will receive a £10 book token.

Winner of the first prize: Anton Karapuzov

Winner of the second prize: Hugo Maia

The theme of our next month’s competition is “EC STUDENT LIFE”. This can incorporate photographic moments capturing events as varied as experiences at the School, the classroom, fellow students and EC London social events or sightseeing.

We look forward to seeing lots more fabulous photographs.

Good luck!

Winning Photograph - 1st Prize

Winning Photograph – 1st Prize



2nd Prize
2nd Prize