Globe Theatre Trip

The Social Programme for the 6th November was a visit to the Globe Theatre. The re-created building (the original was destroyed in circa 1642) on the South Bank that has so many associations with William Shakespeare. It was a sunny, fresh morning and an ideal day for walking, so we decided to take i … Read more

A day out in Cardiff

Day out in Cardiff… For those who ventured all the way to Cardiff they were greeted with some morning sunshine. First stop around the city was a trip to Cardiff Castle. Situated right in the heart of the city it has been built on the existing ground of the old castle. Once inside we saw the original … Read more

Why are people in London wearing poppies?

Have you noticed people wearing and selling poppies in and around London? Do you know why? The week before 11 November, you’ll see people on the TV and in the streets wearing a poppy. Poppies are red flowers which are worn to show others that you are remembering those who died for their countr … Read more