Thames Boat Trip & Watching Football!

As it was a bright afternoon on the 16th February we decided when we met outside the School that we would take in some sights and walk along to the Thames Embankment. Our route took us through the back areas of Holborn, skirting Covent Garden along to the Aldwych and past Somerset House where we cut through the gardens through to the Thames. There we boarded the Clipper and set off down the Thames towards London Bridge.
The views from the river are just great and this part of the Thames had plenty to keep the photographers in our group very busy. The historic buildings share prominence with sleek new buildings and all the famous landmarks kept us busy until we arrived at London Bridge. We walked through the market, which is equally as renowned for its food stalls as it is as a film location (Harry Potter, Bridget Jones Diary and Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels).
Finally we arrived at Roxy’s Bar which has an enormous screen that specialises in showing events. The football match being shown was Arsenal v Barcelona. A European match that promised lots of action. We found some chairs, ordered drinks and snacks and the atmosphere was really lively and exciting. The match lived up to expectations and kept everybody on the edge of their seats. We were all a bit hoarse from cheering and at the end of the match we felt exhausted.

A great night out.