EC trip to London Zoo

Our weekend trip was to Regents Park Zoo and as it was such a lovely crisp day we decided to take a detour and caught the bus to Camden Town so that we could take in a quick visit to the famous market. It is always particularly colourful and varied at the weekend and we had a great time looking at all the different stalls and the tempting items on display were too much to resist for a couple of our group.

We then went across to the edge of the Park and after a lovely walk arrived at the zoo where we were spoilt for choice. The giraffes and the warthogs proved a particular draw on this occasion and as it was relatively quiet we were able to visit a lot of enclosures without having to negotiate the usual crowds.

By this time the cold had begun to be noticeable and so lunchtime was declared with a mass decision to opt for the hot dogs which looked particularly tasty. Some hot drinks also helped to restore our strength and we were able to set off again to spend the rest of the afternoon visiting a variety of animals.

The zoo has a wonderful setting which adds to the pleasure of a visit but most importantly it is being able to see such a variety of wildlife that our group enjoyed. This was a very enjoyable event which allowed time for the students to get to know each other and share interests.