A little bit about Judite – our EC London Student Ambassador

A little bit of me…


When I was a 11-year-old I started being more involved in school activities,  I don’t know why but as far as can remember I used to love it. So, when I realised I was the delegate of my class, what a good thing!- Lol

Last year, when I came to London, a few months later, I received an invitation to be one of the Students’ Ambassadors in my actual school, EC London. As you can imagine I didn’t hesitate, I accepted it straight away.- It wasn’t so quickly, I’m joking.  Since then my time in school changed.

Today, all the time someone is asking me for help, from parties to personal advice… And I’m complaining (lol), honestly,   I do love all these things that I went through, especially when it comes to help others. I must tell you that sometimes   I’m in a fix, but instead of being stuck there I work around these difficulties.


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