Chiara, our student services coordinator: “I help students to find homestay accommodations”


Chiara, ESOL in London
Chiara Aiolfi

Name: Chiara

Age: 28 years old

Nationality: Italian

Mother tongue: Italian

Studies: “Bachelor degree in Italian literature.”

Job at EC London:

“Student services coordinator. I help students to find homestay accommodations and I deal with different issues related to host families. I also sometimes take students to musicals. The last musical I saw with some of our students of ESOL in London was The Phantom of the Opera. Although my favourite musical is The Lion King, I definitely recommend it because I really enjoyed the special effects. However, what I really liked about the evening was spending time with students, walking around the city of London. For instance, we passed by some of the most famous landmarks, such as Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly.”

Favourite film director: “For sure Woody Allen!! I think he is a genius in his field.”


“Dance. I really enjoy dancing kizomba because it’s a relaxing and elegant dance. In a nutshell, it has its roots in the Angolan dance, combining zouk with tango moves. You should try it because you work out by having fun!”

“Languages. I speak Italian (mother tongue), English, French and a little bit of Spanish. I would say that French is my favourite language because I love how it sounds. For this reason, I am taking French classes once per week in the evening. I’m trying hard to improve my French skills. Besides, I have several French speaking friends with whom I often hang out with, taking advantage of the fact that we can have conversations in this beautiful language. I was so much in love with French that before deciding to come to London to find a job, my dream was to move to Paris to study there.”

Favourite place in London:

“Parliament Hill in Hampstead Heath Park. I very often spend my Sunday afternoons in this park, where I love going for a stroll or simply reading a book while listening to music.”

Your experience with the summer camp in Bushey:

“I worked in Bushey’s summer camp from June to August 2014. It was an amazing experience because it was the first time I had to deal with students of 13-17 years old. My main task was helping young English learners to find a suitable homestay accommodation. The team I worked with was also extremely friendly and I definitely enjoyed the time there. If I had the chance, I would immediately repeat the experience!”