Omer, General English: “I had a whale of time at EC!”

Omer is from Turkey. He arrived here in January 2015 and stayed in EC London until mid of September, having studied General English.

He would like to share his experience and some suggestions with us!

Omer from Turkey studied General English in London with EC


“I have been at EC London for almost nine months. EC is one of the best language schools in London. I came to London 2 years ago to go on an English course but it wasn’t really what I was looking for. After that, I came to EC London which has a marvellous location, modern classes, perfect teachers (the best one Joelle!), good quality education, many social programme activities for students and of course good lesson materials. It is organized well to teach English. Additionally, the staff at EC London and the atmosphere are so lovely. I really like EC which offers many opportunities to practice English because there are a lot of students.

Also, London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It has enchanting landscapes, skyscrapers and parks. The life here is so relaxed and the people are respectful to all sorts of beliefs. A lot of foreigners come to London so we can learn about all nationalities. There are many kinds of museums. If you are interested in art, history, music, medicine, sport, etc. you can find a museum for each. If you are a socialable person, there are a lot of activities arranged in London so you will never get bored. At midnight, life here is so fast and enjoyable. In my opinion, it has the most developed transport system in the world.

My favourite hangout is The Somers Town Coffee House which is so close to the school. Most EC students go there to hang out with their friends. You can also meet new people there. It takes two minutes to walk to.

The best thing here is visiting parks with friends to go skateboarding, have a small picnic, walk around and lie down on the grass on a Sunday afternoon.

I would love to come back to EC because most of EC’s teachers are like my friends. They looked after all my problems and I improved a lot because of them. I had a whale of time in EC, I’ll really miss EC’s atmosphere. I would rather come back to EC London rather than other EC centres but I am sure the other EC centres would also be perfect.”

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