Stefanie, Intensive English: “The preparation you get at EC London is high quality”

Stefanie from Switzerland studied at EC London for almost two months and lived in our lovely homestay accommodation. Let’s find out what she says about her English courses in London and the time she spent here!

English courses in london
Stefanie and her lovely host family

“Not only is London the Capital of England, but also one of the most impressive cities I have ever seen. EC London School is right in the Centre of London and a good possibility to improve your English skills. The best courses are the exame courses. I joined the Cea Course. Even its hard work but the preparation you get at EC London is high quality. After the Cae Lessons, I have done normal lessons which are more fun.

english courses in london

EC London has a big range of Social Programm, where you can meet other students. One must see in London is the Skygarden with the breathtaken view over the city.In the evening I joined the sobell karateclub, they are the best example of the friendly and helpful Britisch population. Another example of friendly persons are my hostparents. My hostmother was a marvellous cook and their house was splendid.

Even if London is amasing, I never get used to the overcrowded tube (there was no room tho swing a cat) and the big air pollution. But all in all I had wonderful 7 weeks in London.”


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