Tota’s experience at the Kew Gardens

Last weekend our student ambassador Tota went with a group of students to the famous Kew Gardens.

He would like to give us some information and advices about that beautiful and unique place a must to see if you are in one of our English language classes in London.

English language classes in London
Kew Gardens – Waterlily House

Last Sunday, we went to Kew Gardens which is located near Richmond Park. The easiest way to get there is to take the District line to Richmond, and get off at Kew Gardens station, which is in Zone 3-4. From the station, it takes only 5 minutes on foot.
Kew Gardens has the world’s largest collection of living plants. In 2003, the gardens were put on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. It’s really rather huge.
In the gardens, you can see a lot of different kinds of plants in different areas, such as tropical plants in the Palm House. Other areas include the Rose Garden, Treetop walkway and Japanese gardens.
As I mentioned, the gardens are massive. I went there at around 2p.m., so I could not see everything, and it closed at 4p.m.
You can spend around 4 hours there if you wanted to.

Before you leave London, I recommend going there because you can see a lot of unusual things and it is a nice escape from the big city.