Music events in Camden Town

Our school is very involved into music! This summer we are bringing our students to many events included some of them organized especially for our students and staff!
Thursday, 27th July, we have a big event coming in Camden Town!

Here a few words from our Social Leader Maya, who is the promoter of all these amazing music events, just after her very first event!  



I would like to say a BIG thanks to everyone, who turned up at our gig in Camden last night! It was a big night for some of us – Man The Lifeboats having their first gig ever and me putting on a music night for the very first time!
Still cant believe that we made it – over 100 people came.. WOW!!! This is a great success and it´s all thanks to you,who came to support us!
Thank you my beloved friends.. You´ve been a great support system throughout the whole process and I´m feeling so grateful to have people like you in my life! You all helped us to make our dream come true!
Well done to Winters Hill Lena Laki and Man The Lifeboats! People loved your performances, I could see so many happy faces around which was the biggest reward for me! It was a pleasure to be working with such great and talented bands!
Cant wait for our next gig in July – more info coming soon, stay tuned!

This is because it’s not just about IELTS Courses at EC London.