Italian student chooses EC to learn English in England

Deborah Piffer came to school with her mother, who is a really lovely Italian lady, under the recommendation of their friend.

They had almost made the decision to go to another school, but once they arrived at EC London, they changed there mind!

I’d say it’s an absolutely smart move to choose EC to Learn English in England.

Deborah - 5 weeks General English Course at EC London

Let’s see what she thinks about her experience at EC London:


I chose EC School because I like the building and the staff, it is very helpful and friendly.

About London I like the museums because they are free.
About the school I like the lessons and the study area.

My most unforgettable memory of EC will be extra classes (pronunciation, speaking).

I will surely recommend EC to my friends. Because I find the teaching very good.

My favourite places to hang out are the theatre and the concert halls.
If it is a sunny afternoon the best thing to do is enjoy this rare event and going out to the park.