Last Blog in London

Feedback on my life in London since May


I arrived the 20th of May in London to work as an intern in EC London.
Thanks to this job I have an incredible chance to meet a lot of people from many different countries all around the world.
They could be my colleagues or simply students in the school where I am working.
This amazing internship allows me to speak and work only in English everyday, to learn so many different facts about countries around the world and of course to make friends to hang out in London.
I also improved my working skills which is important in order to get experience for my studies (working in English with customers from many nationalities etc…)
But the most wonderful thing which happened to me in London was just to meet amazing people from all around the world and to know them, speak with time, spend time with them, discover London with them.
That’s the incredible thing with EC School, to speak only in English with even people who come from the opposite of the world, it is really interesting.
Personally I met amazing people thanks to EC London, I shared with them so many beautiful moments in London that I am not gonna forget. Thanks to them I had 3 perfect months, maybe the best of my life.
I am leaving London with such perfect souvenirs that I will remember forever.

Thank you very much for everything.