Teacher Feature: Tony Kazanjian

ECLA is happy to introduce one of their teachers, Tony.

” What’s up everybody? I’m a true Californian boy, born and raised near Pasadena, CA, but have been living, working, studying, or traveling to other areas on the west coast, and around the world, since 2000. I have always loved learning languages since I was little, and when I decided I wanted to major in a language in college, I chose one of the hardest ones…Japanese! After earning my degree from the University of Oregon, I moved to Japan to teach English there for two years. Still, the teach & travel bug in me had not been cured, so I moved to Thailand, where I could really develop my own style of teaching. I realized how much I loved interacting with students from all over the world, and the challenge and creativity of helping them succeed with our complicated language! I decided then that I would get my Master’s in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), and just this last year I received my degree from the Monterey Institute of International Studies in Monterey, CA.

I’m really excited to be teaching all of you at EC, and am looking forward to seeing how we will use this opportunity of being in awesome, sunny Santa Monica to learn all the English we can! I try to make my classes a very fun and cooperative learning environment, and I love discovering new ways to use technology to enhance student projects and collaboration. When I’m not teaching, I love jogging, reading, sampling local eateries, playing music, and gaming.”