ASPIRE to Study Well

ASPIRE is a simple acronym to help you approach studying this weekend! When you aspire to learn, you accomplish your studying goals and you feel the success of your efforts.

A is for Approach: Approach studying with a positive, can-do attitude.

S is for Scan: Scan through your notes and previous reading to refresh your mind and help you decide what needs the most focus during your study session.

P is for Piece together the Parts: Piece together what you’ve already studied and summarize what you already understand well.

I is for Inquire: Inquire from sources like teachers, tutors or peers. Don’t be shy about asking for help when you need it!

R is for Reflect and Relay: Reflect on the information as you’re studying. Does it make sense to you? What is another way I can apply what I’m learning? And Relay that information to others or out loud to really solidify what you’ve studied in your mind.

E is for Examine: Examine your progress as your studying. Are you staying on track? How well are you recalling things that you’ve studied in the past?