Your Weather Forecast for the Week


Despite the rain that rolled through on Thursday morning, the weather here in sunny SoCal has been just that – sunny. Yesterday was a blazing 91 degrees Fahrenheit in Santa Monica, and it should stay in the mid-80’s for the rest of the week, before it cools down to the mid-70’s for the weekend. What is this California girl’s suggestion? Soak up the sun while it lasts! It feels like summer, so act like it’s summer by going to the beach for some surf lessons or sun bathing, grabbing some ice cream and funnel cake at the Pier, or splashing around in a pool before the weather realizes it’s almost winter.

Even today, the Mother Nature seems a little confused with a strong wind pushing in the marine layer, causing a thin fog to roll in from the ocean (pictured above). It’s creating a eerie mist that serves as a reminder that this warm weather won’t last forever, even if we do live in one of the most temperate regions in the United States.