ECLA Teacher Feature: Jeanette McNertney

Jeanette is one of ECLA’s awesome teachers!¬† Learn more about Jeanette here ūüôā

“I was born in New Jersey, but at a young age relocated with my family to Buenos Aires, Argentina due to my father’s job. ¬†I learned both English and Spanish simultaneously as a child first learning to speak. ¬†2 years later, again due to my father’s job with an American bank, we moved to Jakarta, Indonesia, where I would spend the next 14 years of my life. ¬†Here I learned the local language, Bahasa Indonesia, except that in turn I forgot my Spanish! ¬†I attended Jakarta International School from kindergarten until¬†senior year. ¬†Many students from around the world attended this school, so the multicultural EC environment is one I have been raised in and feel most comfortable with. ¬†My best friends growing up were Japanese, Australian, Chinese, New Zealander, Canadian and American. ¬†I love being surrounded by people¬†of all nationalities! ¬†During these years abroad, my family and I were fortunate to travel all around Southeast Asia (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines) and Europe.

I moved back to the US when I was 18 years old, and like many of you first moving to America, I also experienced culture shock, even though it was my own country! ¬†I went to American University in Washington, DC later transferring to University of New Mexico, and my major was Art History because I love art and writing, so I could put the two together and write about art. ¬†Part of my degree’s requirement was proficiency in a language. ¬†I chose Spanish, and reacquainted myself with the language that was stored somewhere in my subconscious since my time in Argentina! ¬†Also, my parents moved to Bogota, Colombia during this time so I took the opportunity to visit them and study Spanish there. ¬†In the years following college, I worked with photographers in New York and spent every summer in Spain, traveling around the country with my newly relearned Spanish. ¬†Then I moved to LA to be with my family, who had recently come back from Colombia.

jeanetteI was yearning to work in an international environment, and luckily I landed a job as an International Student Advisor at a language school here in LA.  I found a passion, working with and helping students from around the world!  In order to expand my experience in the field, I decided to move to Spain for a year and teach English.  I lived in a village by the sea called Mojacar, located in the south of Spain.  Everyday felt like a dream in this beautiful village.  With my teaching experience, I moved back to LA and was hired at ECLA!

I am still amazed at¬†the forward-thinking, dynamic style of the EC teaching method. ¬†I really feel that students are not only learning a language, this school is a whole experience. ¬†So much¬†care and attention is focused on the students’ needs, and EC teachers seek every opportunity for you to maximize¬†your English¬†skills. ¬†What more could you ask for, perfecting your English and making new friends¬†in beautiful Santa Monica!”