Calling All Couples to “Come to ECLA”!

Meet Michele Da Silva Borges and Maick De Morais! They met in flight training school in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She was training to be a flight attendant, and he a pilot. They fell in love and decided to go abroad to study English and explore Los Angeles together. Find out more about their experience below!

ESL students in Los Angeles
Maick and Michele posing for the camera!

Why did you want to learn English, and why did you choose LA?
Michele: I need English for my job, being a flight attendant. We chose LA because of the weather and climate. We were thinking of Canada, but compare the climate in LA to Canada! There is just so much here. This city is in a great location – you can see snow at Big Bear, and you go through the desert to get there. It’s close to everything, and very central.
Maick: I like that there is little change in climate and weather here. My brother was a student here and this is how I learned about ECLA. He told me about it. He would show me pictures and videos, and told me about the good teachers. He also told me about the facilities – how it was clean, orderly, and there were computers to use.

What was the most interesting thing that happened while you were here?
BOTH: The most exciting, favorite thing that happened during our time here is that we met the famous professional fighter, Anderson Silva! We went to his gym and didn’t expect for him to be there at all, but he WAS! He was so nice and cool and engaged in conversation with us, and gave us a tour, invited us to play paintball with him and go to his house the next day! It was unreal!

Did your English improve?
Maick: I learned a lot. Todd and John are excellent teachers! After my 4th week, I tested up a level to Upper Intermediate.
Michele: In the beginning, I couldn’t put phrases together. Now I can, and am able to communicate!

What’s is the best part about EC Los Angeles?
 They give a lot of attention to students. The students receive a lot here. And the staff! Christina and Aislinn were both very helpful.

What advice would you give to a couple for a good date in Los Angeles?
Grab dinner somewhere, and you have to watch the sunset here – it’s MAGICAL!

Michele and Maick were enrolled in our General English program for 2 months. Find out more about the ESL courses they took!