Let’s welcome ECLA’s newest Center Director, Paul Suhr!

Summer is a time of many changes. This July, EC Los Angeles welcomed our new Center Director, Paul Suhr. Let’s learn a little more about him!

esl, ecla, center director, paul suhr
EC Los Angeles’s new Center Director, Paul Suhr, with his newborn!

Why did you choose to work at EC?

“I chose to work at EC because I like that the company allows for the Center Directors to act more like entrepreneurs, rather than robots. I also like that student population is so diverse.”

What do you do at EC?

“The simplest way to put is that I make sure that everyone is happy – the students, the staff and the teachers. If this is accomplished, then I know I am doing my job well.”

What do you most like about Los Angeles?

“I love the outdoors- hiking, rock climbing, surfing, etc; and since LA has good weather all year round, I can do thinks I love more often.”

Where in the world would you most like to visit?

“I would like to go to Iceland. My sister just got back from there and she showed me incredible photos. Who wants to come with me?!”

Do you have a message for future students?

“I have candy in my office. Come say ‘hi!'”


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