EC Student Testimonial: Sung Hyup Park

Meet Sang Hyup Park from Korea!
Korean Student, Sang Hyup Park

Name: Sung Hyup Park

Nationality: Korean

Why did you choose to study with EC?

When I was looking for a language school, I considered how many Korean student in language school firstly. I had two options, one is EC, another is Kaplan. But Kaplan, there are lots of Koreans. So that’s why I chose EC.

What do you like most about EC teachers?

They’re always friendly. When I came to EC the first time, I couldn’t get used to living here and going to school. But now, I overcomed.

What will be your most unforgettable memory of EC?

Make a lot of friends! Also, Graduation is wonderful when it’s held outside.

Would you recommend EC to a friend? Why?

Yeah, of course! I think most important thing when you look for language school is where is the school and how much better facilities do they have. All of this point, EC is a really good school if you study abroad first time. I’m sure you’re satisfied with this school.

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