Wednesday Word of the Day: Apparition

An example of an apparition.
A ghostly apparition!
Apparition Definition: an apparition is a ghost or a ghost-like image of a person. The word comes from Latin apparitio and apparere. The first written record of apparition used to mean ghost dates all the way to around the year 1600!
Some might confuse the word apparition with the word appearance; but just remember that apparition is used for when something is startling or shocking. Appearance is used when something that was not there or could not be seen, can suddenly be seen!
Examples of Apparition in a sentence:
– “Last night I suddenly woke up at 2AM and saw an apparition! She told me to make sure to clean my fingernails in the morning!!”
– Last Halloween, my brother visited an old, haunted house. An apparition appeared and scared him so much, he ran away.”
Have you ever seen an apparition? Halloween is coming up, watch out for ghostly apparitions!