Los Angeles, California – city of rain???

Rain in LA!
Los Angeles, city of rain!


Los Angeles, California. A city known for fame, fortune, beautiful people and beautiful weather. A city that boasts winter temperatures of 65 degrees F and around 287 days of sun a year has now turned into a rainy wonderland!

California has been suffering from almost 6 years of drought, but this winter season, we have seen record rain and snow fall!


What does this mean for you?


Rain is an uncommon site for Los Angeles, so local residents are bit confused on how to handle it. Make sure to carry an umbrella with you and always look both ways before crossing the street. Traffic may become worse as more accidents will occur due to the slick roads, so please plan extra travel time.


Is there a bright side to the rain?


The extra rain is not such a bad thing. This season, we have been able to reduce our drought to 40% of the state! This means the state’s water reserve is going up and there is more water to plant crops and to drink.

What else?

Did you know there are mountains near Los Angeles? The extra rainfall has brought more snow to the local mountains. Now, you can go snowboarding or skiing during the weekend in the local San Gabriel mountains – only an hour away!


Sad about the weather? Don’t be! Los Angeles will warm up again really soon.