A Creative Writing Piece: Blown by Love

Everyone needs a creative outlet. We love when our students combine their creativity with their English skills, as former Student Ambassador, Aurora, does here in her creative writing piece: Blown By Love.

Blown by Love

Amadeo and July met a couple of years ago at breakfast in an organic restaurant in Santa Monica.

He saw her beautiful and smiling eyes and immediately fell in love. She was sitting alone drinking her orange juice and thinking about happiness, a topic that Amadeo happened to be thinking at the same time… in fact, she told us that she could feel the sensation and the energy that Amadeo transmitted to her.

Amadeo was eating his cereal, but suddenly he stopped and just started to laugh of happiness, as he could feel the energy of happiness that July was also transmitting to him. Because he was looking at her, July decided to ask him with a smiling face: what are you laughing about? Can you read minds? And he answered: we are all connected by love.

Embrace life to the fullest!
Embrace life to the fullest!

What is Happiness About?

Happiness is the energy that flows within you, you just need to be in touch and connected with it. There are good days and bad days; the sun appears some days and disappears on others, but you can always choose to feel the sun warming up in your heart. Always smile and be grateful about everything; connect yourself with unconditional love, that fire of love that will never leave you. You will feel the force of love and its vibration running through your body always because the power is inside you, not outside. Smile, my friends, no matter what; happiness is contagious!! You will always find people to inspire; be inspired because we are all connected by the language of love.

Love you all!


Thanks, Aurora, for this beautiful message on love and happiness!

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Post Edited by: Ashley Lee