Los Angeles: Art, Culture, Happiness

Love for Los Angeles

There are many things to love about Los Angeles. The art, the people, the culture. People come here for a variety of reasons, but the passion for the arts is especially vibrant. Here, Student Ambassador Mariana (Brazil), shares her favorite part about LA:

Street Art

I am excited to share one of my favorites things about LA with you guys.

There are so many highlights to this city, but personally I really love all of the artistic expression on display. Whether it’s street art or a beautifully tiled entryway, there are so many talented people in LA that use walls and sidewalks as their canvas.

You can create cool and beautiful pictures in LA with these displays. You can find some of them on Abbot Kinney Blvd., Melrose Avenue, Venice Beach, etc., etc.

ESL Student

My favorite one is the “Three Flowers Wings” located on Melrose Avenue. The project, named Global Angel Wings, was launched by the artist Colette Miller and it is spreading around Los Angeles.

Artistic Culture

Furthermore, many artists in LA express their art through the streets of the city. So, you can find a rock singer on one corner and a reggae band on the same street. The environment is amazing. Wherever you go you will hear someone playing music with a really good vibe. Also, you will see somebody painting a picture, people relaxing on the grass, and children playing with dogs.

Los Angeles is a mix of art, culture and happiness. If you wake-up in a bad mood, just go away, walk down the street, go to the beach and start to feel the energy from this place and the people from here. Breathe the breeze from the Pacific Ocean and start your day. I swear, this day will be a really great day!

ESL Student
Thanks, Mariana, for your positive attitude and advice!

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Post Edited By: Ashley Lee