Get your ticket for ECLA's Winter Soirée!

Wednesday Word of the Day – Soirée

  One of the most interesting things about English, is the fact that many of our words actually belong to other languages! Having a wider vocabulary will give you more opportunities to express yourself. This week’s word is popular and always has a feeling of fun – take a look! &nbsp … Read more

Will you gormandize this Thanksgiving?

Wednesday Word of the Day – Gormandize

Happy Wednesday everybody! In honor of Thanksgiving, we have a food related “Wednesday Word of the Day”! After the delicious Thanksgiving is that one day of the year when society says you can eat as much food as you want. Whether it be turkey, stuffing or pumpkin pie, people often eat un … Read more

Learn tips on English grammar!

Grain of Grammar: Their, There and They’re!

Hey there! Have you ever had trouble knowing which “there” to use? Read below to learn how! Their “Their” is used when we are talking about something that belongs to 2 or more people. ex: “Tell your students to bring their books tomorrow!” “Their” book … Read more

Wednesday Word of the Day – Voracious

Are you ready for another Word of the Day? As Thanksgiving approaches, the thought of turkey and stuffing is on our mind… and it’s making our mouths salivate and our stomachs growl! I’m sure you have experienced a time when you were so unbearably hungry that you could probably eat … Read more

Learn tips on English grammar!

Grain of Grammar: I before E

  One of the reasons English is such a difficult language to learn is because English has so many grammar and spelling rules; but, we always break them! Take a look at this week’s Grain of Grammar from ECLA teacher, Carly, to learn some great tips!   Spelling tip: I before E Spelling … Read more

Learn tips on English grammar!

Grain of Grammar: I or Me?

Students often come to ECLA to learn business English; proper grammar is an important part of communicating well in any business situation! Read about one of the most common mistakes English speakers make, and how you can fix it…. Language Tip: I or Me People often have trouble deciding whethe … Read more

Learn tips on English grammar!

Grain of Grammar: Prepositions!

  Here is some advice from ECLA’s Academic Director of Studies, Melanie!   Language corner:  Preposition secrets part I   Many English language students find it difficult to learn how to use English prepositions correctly. On the one hand, it’s true that some rules for prepositi … Read more

Autumn foliage beside a lake.

Wednesday Word of the Day – Foliage!

It’s a season of colors and season of words. Here is today’s Wednesday Word of the Day!   fo·li·age ˈfōl(ē)ij/ Noun The word “foliage” means the leaves or flowers of a plant or a tree. It is an uncountable noun, which means that it refers to the collection (or group) or leaves or fl … Read more

study English in USA

A Grain of Grammar: Desert or Dessert?

It is time for another “Grain of Grammar” lesson! These short posts help clarify some of the most frequently-made mistakes in the English language. Whether you are an ESL student learning English in USA for the first time or a native English speaker, we hope you find these quick tips use … Read more

A Grain of Grammar: the “I” or “Me” dilemma

We know that the English language can be quite confusing – even for native English speakers! So we want to share some quick and powerful grammar tips to help you as you learn English in Los Angeles. Language Tip: I or Me  People often have trouble deciding whether to use “I” or “me” when speak … Read more