Meet Lucas from Brazil!

Meet Lucas, Student Ambassador from Brazil!

I’m Lucas Barreto Villalba from São Paulo, Brazil. I’m 20 years old. I’m still a university student, before coming here I was studying Information System at Presbyterian Mackenzie University. Actually, It was a hard decision to choose which city I would go to study abroad, I was thinking about going to San Francisco, Boston or Los Angeles. I had chosen Los Angeles because the weather is as hot as the weather in my country. I’ve started learning English for traveling thereafter I was keen on it. I’ve been taking class with a lot of different teachers, they are really friendly and funny. They have been helping me to improve my English skills. In my opinion, everybody should study abroad once at least, it’s the best experience ever. I’ve been living the best moments of my life here in LA.     Want to study English in the USA? Visit ECLA today!

Federico Belli in his costume.

Student Spotlight – Federico from Italy!

Name: Federico Belli Nationality: Italian Why did you choose to study with EC? First, because it is near to sea, and second because I think it’s better than other schools. What do you like the most about EC teachers? They’re friendly and professional. What will be your most unforgettable memory of EC? The costume contest. *** editor’s note: Federico is the winner of ECLA’s Halloween Costume Contest 2015!!! Would you recommend EC to a friend? Why? Yes, for the same reason I chose this school.   We chose Federico for the student spotlight because we have seen his skill and confidence with English grow. We are excited to have him study with us! Great job, Federico!!!   Want to study English in the USA like Federico? Visit ECLA today!

EC Student visiting Hollywood!

Tamina shares her Los Angeles experience!

ECLA Student, Tamina, shares her experience… This is my sixth week in Los Angeles. So far it has been one of the greatest experiences I ever had. The food is delicious and the weather is perfect. Over those weeks I had a lot of Thai Food. One of the places I highly recommend is Thai Dishes near the Third Street Promenade on Broadway and Second Street. They are super friendly. However it is a little bit more expensive, but worth it. Another is near the Oakwood residence in the Washington Boulevard and is called Siamese Garden. On the terrace you have romantic atmosphere and a nice view. Enough from the food. Have you ever been to Venice or Santa Monica Beach? If you haven’t yet I just say this: You should!   Up to now I’ve made two trips to San Francisco and Las Vegas. Those a Cities are worth to visit. They are both totally different, but will give you some good memories.   On September 13th a friend and I saw a Street Show. It was really professional. The breakdance moves were incredible. They also included people form the audience. The kids were absolutely adorable. This one was near the Santa Monica Pier. Don’t worry things like this are almost everywhere in Los Angeles. This sum it basically up. There is just one thing left to talk about: EC Los Angeles. This school is awesome. The people are really nice and everyone tries to make your stay as cool as possible. There are some good activities for everyone and believe it or not in a long time I haven’t felt like I’m learning that much like I do here. Sounds cheesy I know, but it’s true. Oh wait there’s another one: Enjoy the LA life! Tamina Want to … Read more

Brazilian Student Ambassador, Isabela, poses in front of the Santa Monica wall!

Welcome Isabela, Student Ambassador from Brazil!

Isabella Imbimbo, Student Ambassador from Brazil is an aspiring journalist! Read about why she studies English! My name is Isabela, I am 20 years old, and I am from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I study at EC Los Angeles. I chose Los Angeles for the weather and the beaches, but this big city surprises me every day.   I came here to improve my English because having a good English is really important to my career. I go to a university in Brazil, the Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, and my major there is journalism. My dream job is to be an international correspondent all over the world. For my dream to come true I have to learn different languages, and I decided to start with English. This is only my first step and I am enjoying it very much. I love EC, I believe that it is a great school and it is really easy to make friends here. The teachers do their best to solve our questions in the best way possible, and they become your friend, witch I think is awesome! What I love most about EC is that they make us feel at home, and have a lot of events for the students to know each other. I chose EC because before I came to LA I was considering to go to Malta or London, and EC was the name that was everywhere. Besides, my travel agent recommend me to come to EC for because it is a serious school. I don’t regret any moment for making this choice and I would recommend for sure!     Want to study English in the USA? Visit ECLA today!