EC Malta Diving Option- English and Diving


Students can opt to follow a scuba diving course leading to an
internationally recognised PADI qualification. This course gives
students the chance to experience scuba diving in some of the most
impressives sites of the Mediterranean.

The dive centre offers the PADI Open Waters for beginners and the PADI
Advanced course for more experienced divers
. The course replaces some
afternoon activities and is completed in 5 half day sessions.

PADI Open Waters Course

This is an entry level certification in the PADI dive education ladder.
Students who successfully complete this course will receive an
internationally recognised licence to dive with an instructor or dive
master to a maximum depth of up to 18m.

The course is designed to get students in the water as quickly as
possible so during the first two days the students usually spend time in
class learning theory and practicing skills in the pool.

Once the student masters all the basic skills the instructor will take them out to do 4 dives in the local area.

To optimise students’ classroom time with their instructor we encourage students read the books in their own time and classroom time is used for questions and developing concepts.

Once certified the dive centre offers the students a free excursion (2
dives). In this way students can also experience different dive sites as
well as meet other experienced divers.

Course description:

• 4 day course + 1 day of 2 fun dives
• 4 sessions of approximately 6 hours each
• Each session is a combination of theory and diving
• 6 hours of theory (5 lessons in total)
• 4 hours of pool training (5 lessons)
• 12 hours of open water diving (4 dives)

• 14 years+
• Healthy and reasonably fit
PADI Advanced Open Water Course
Open to all certified PADI Open Water Divers. This is the next step in
the PADI chain for students to advance their diving experience and
ability. Students can choose from: Peak Performance Buoyancy, Wreck,
Multi-level, Photography, Naturalist, Dry-Suit, Night, Cavern, Nitrox.
Unlike the Open Water course there is no final exam. However there
are knowledge reviews at the end of every chapter in the manual which
must be completed by the end of the course.

The dive centre recommends the following schedule:

Day 1: Peak Performance Buoyancy, Navigation and Naturalist
Day 2: Deep, Multi-level or Wreck
Course description:
• Two day course: 5 sea dives
• 5 open water dives over 2 sessions of approx 6 hours each
• Theory is integrated in the dives – no separate sessions


• 15 years+
• PADI Open Water certification or equivalent qualification
• Healthy and reasonably fit



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