Mdina and Rabat (inc St. Paul’s Catacombs and Mdina Experience)

dscn0518Taking time out from their English course on a sunny day on May 6, Italian students and their tour guide hit Mdina for the afterdscn0521noon. First on the agenda, was a quick photostop at the breathtaking Dhingi cliffs. One could have stayed there all day, looking out across the ocean, but we swiftly moved on towards the Catacombs. Ghost imitations and zombie noises were all on the cards in these dark caves, but also information on their origins from our knodscn0532wledgeable tour guide. Next, we advanced towards Mdina and once we arrived there we got off the bus to walk throudscn0526gh the town. It was like nothing anyone had ever seen before, the high walls and narrow, cornered streets made it feel like we had all gone back in time. After walking around the old capital Mdina, we headed for the long awaited Mdina experience. Before we knew it 45 minutes had passed and we were now all experts on Mdina’s rich and ancient history.



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