Kindai Group First Week – EC Malta

Sixth Day (03-17-2011)

Blue grotto is the activity planned for today. This activity is normally very appreciated by adults and juniors alike as the location where it’s held (Wied Iz-Zurrieq) is a beautiful landscape compromising of beautiful views. On this activity students have many ways to spend their time. The most popular one is a boat trip that takes the students, 8 at a time, on a traditional Maltese Luzzu to the well-known Blue grotto cave. It is called so, because of the beautiful sky blue color the underwater coral gives the sea water. Otherwise the students could opt to sunbath on the rocks next to the sea while going for the ocassional swim. This location also compromises of a handfull of restaurants which specialise in fish food, so for those who’d like to get a taste of the local’s interpretation of mediterranean cooking, this is the right activity for them!

To start off the activity, before going on the boat ride, the students where stopped on a beautiful viewing point known as the ‘galarija’.

Once all the students took all the pictures they wanted to, we started to make our way down to the boats! Since we could only go on the boats 8 at a time, inbetween rides we had to wait 2-5 minutes, but this wasn’t a problem! Infact it was just a good excuse to take a few funny pictures for memories’ sake!

Before we knew it, we where on the boat and the students looked like they where having the time of their life! While enjoying a calm blue sea and a sunny day the students went on taking alot of pictures – Some of which I have borrowed myself so i could share them with you;

Once the boat ride was over, it was time to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather. Some students went hiking discovering as many views as they could while others opted to relax in one of the restaurants.

Once again and all too soon, it was time to go!


EC Juniors Blogging Team, Malta.



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