WRITING TASK by Yeojin Song and Tauta Escobar Lina Camila

Writing Task by Yeojin Song

Level: High Intermediate
Topic: Vampires
What is a vampire? Is it ‘myth’ or ‘truth’?
People who believe vampires are true yearn for their glamour and eternal youth. Vampires are said to have powers, for example, they can hypnotise humans into accepting their advances. Also, they can drain the blood of humans and kill them. And then they drink it. Through it, they obtain a power. Besides, they can turn a human into a Vampire.
For how long have they existed? People have believed in vampires for centuries and vampires inspired people to create many different art forms or paintings. Nowadays, there are many films or TV series. As an example, Twilight, Interview with the vampire and True blood are the most famous films and series about them.
There are real people who are Vampires. Prince Vlad 3 killed all his resistances using impaling so people were frightened of him very much. Secondly, Bathory murdered hundreds of people and she became famous to bathe in virgin’s blood but she was just imprisoned without trial because of her social status.
How can we protect our selves? Normally, using the daylight is most known. If you use holy symbols or garlic, you can protect yourself too but fire or stakes are the certain methods to kill them.
These days people say that a person who takes energy from others is a real vampire. We have to avoid these people like the plague. If these people are real vampires, vampires might be ‘truth’, not just a ‘myth’ because there are many of these kinds of people. 26.3.11

Writing Task by Tauta Escobar Lina Camila

Level: Pre- Intermediate

Topic: Vampires
I think that the lecture was interesting because I learn about the different movies that their topics are about vampires. I believe that now in the world there are vampires, for example when people want to kill or destroy other people. I think that the best way to kill a vampire is with the prayer, because I think that God is more powerful than other energies.
I think that vampires are sick people, for example in Rumania there was a King who drunk the blood of his enemies or opponents, I think he was crazy. I would like to watch movies about vampires and I would like to know more about that topic. Many people do not believe in vampires, but I think that there exist; however, I don’t believe that vampires are monsters or devils I think that vampires are humans.
I liked the lecture because the people prefer to speak about other topics rather than vampires, but the lecture was nice and I hope that the others lectures will be about the same topics, for example the life beyond death, because I like to hear about strange topics.




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