Brain Training for Vocabulary – By student Sayako Kirishima, Japanese

The main difference between English and my language (Japanese) is the word order. The word order of English is that a subject comes first, a verb then an object. But the word order of Japanese is different; a verb comes last. And I think there is a big difference in pronunciation. Japanese doesn’t have the sound like ‘th’, ‘v’, ‘r’ and ‘l’. Adding to this, all Japanese words end with vowels, so it is difficult for us to pronounce English words which finish with consonants. These are the differences between English and Japanese.
The ways of learning vocabulary are reorganising, getting visual, using new words and challenging myself. Reorganising means putting the words into some groups for example, dog, cat, zebra… and so on are ‘animal’; beach, summer, travel and so on are ‘holiday’. Getting visual means drawing a picture using the vocabulary. And then it is important to make sentences with the new vocabulary. I think this is the best way to keep the words in mind. I wasn’t good at memorising, but I could memorise many words by using these ways in the lecture. So these ways are worth trying.