Music, Dance and Theatre , Festivals , Family Entertainment, Cultural- A season of colour and fun 17/02/2012 to 21/02/2012

Carnival is celebrated in numerous towns and villages but especially in Valletta, Floriana and Nadur Gozo. It is indeed a kind of explosion of colour in the way of decorated floats and costumes. Carnival serves also as means of merriment and a time when individuals also dress up in all sorts of weird or funny costume and just go out in the streets to join the fray. The Malta Council for Culture and the Arts organise the official Carnival festivities that take place in Valletta from Friday until the following Tuesday. Some of the events are held inside an enclosure and may be attended against a nominal fee. On the last day, a big Carnival defile ends in the main street of Floriana with a fireworks display. In Gozo, the Nadur Local Council organises what originally started out as an exclusively individualistic and spontaneously acted Carnival celebration that verged on the weird, hilarious and the macabre. Even though today the Nadur Carnival has become more structured, it is still true to its origins. The individual spontaneity which is still alive and kicking runs parallel to other organised events such as local band performances on stage that are held in the town’s square. These events are free of charge.