Giving back for Fred day!

The day has finally arrived! Lots of smiley faces and everyone here is in very good spirits and enthusiastic to help and get things done…

Two packed Koptaco Coaches arrived at just past 10:30, and the group of predominantly Somali students flocked in through EC’s doors, and our eager team pulled together, with all 70 students in class within 20 minutes! We set up four different classes including interview skills, basic conversation skills, phone skills and a Maltese culture lesson, all of which the students were more than thrilled to try out.

We are currently setting up for the break with plenty of softdrinks, crisps, crackers, and of course, some yummy pastizzi are on the way! (It wouldn’t be a complete Maltese event without them!) 🙂

Got to go for now, reception is flooded again! 🙂