Foods that will Naturally Lift your Spirits…

Did you know our moods affect almost everything in our daily life – a bad mood does not let us feel like ourselves – we have a hard time concentrating or just making it through the day. BUT when we’re happy, we feel we can take on anything. The food we eat can have a great impact on our mood, and if we want to look and feel good then we NEED to include some of the foods that will naturally lift our spirits. Here we look at some foods that are sure to raise our spirits and make us feel happier overall.

Milk: those foods that are rich in calcium will naturally help to boost our spirits. Those that suffer from depression are told to take a calcium and Vitamin D supplement, and 1-2 glasses of milk a day can be a mood booster that can help a person feel happier and more productive.

Spinach: dark leafy greens are good for your health and a home remedy for so many ailments. So it’s really no wonder that spinach, rich in iron, is a definite if you are looking for food to make you feel happier. You can get the nutrients that you need out of this dark leafy green and lift your spirits all at the same time.

Salmon: here we see the recurrence of Omega-3 fatty acids and just how much good they can do for our overall health. This time, we see that regular consumption of salmon, about 2-3 times a week, can help to make us feel happier and of course maintain good health.

Whole Grain Pasta or Bread: we look to foods rich in carbohydrates as a sort of “comfort food”, but in this case they are good for us, too. If you switch out the refined and white pasta and breads with whole grain versions, you will not only be happier but you will also be doing yourself a great favor for your overall health.

Sunflower Seeds: it is recommended that one should add seeds to their diet as a source of protein and fiber, but here we see just how it can affect our mood. Sunflower seeds are rich in selenium, and this is one nutrient that is believed to make us INSTANTLY feel better and much happier, almost upon consumption.

Tofu: many people turn to tofu as it’s such a healthy meat substitute that offers high levels of protein with a lower fat and cholesterol content. This is a great idea, but it can also be looked to as a great mood lifter for the content that it brings and should be a definite in any “get happy” diet.

Fortified Cereals: ensuring that you get enough folic acid into your diet is a good idea for your overall picture of health. It can also contribute greatly to being a happier person, and so we see that fortified cereals are a must to achieve this.

So forget about over drinking and smoking and maybe drugs that you think might help you forget your sorrows! Your diet can be one of your best weapons for maintaining that ALL-IMPORTANT positive mood! Try it the natural way – believe me, it works. I know – I’ve tried it!