EC Malta Student Message by Tatiana Urusova

I came back to my country 5 days ago. But I miss Malta!

Every day I say «Thank you EC school, thank you Malta!»

Thank you for knowledge,

Thank you for my new friends,

Thank you for making me open my mind,

Thank you for giving me motivation for future goals,

Thank you so much for twо wonderful month of the most exciting days that I have spent

My General English program was excellent and was the most positive and productive program that I have ever received.

Equally and perhaps more impressive is fantastic academic atmosphere!

Unforgettable friendly spirit!

Thank you my dear teaches for ability to listen, kindness and patience. You all are first-rate professionals! I am motivated more than ever.

And finally the most important thing what I’m find in Malta is my new friends from all over the world!

Thank you my dear friends!

I Had a really great time with you. It’s wonderful feelings! You have really inspired me! Big hug for all of you

I know, in my last days I have not said good-bye for all teachers, staff and friends! I don’t have the strength to say good-bye.. It makes me very-very sad.. Now I just want to say thank you! I hope to see you one day!

My best wishes