EC Malta Student Testimonial by Florian Leutheuser from Germay


‘’I would recommend EC Malta because the employees are very helpful. Whatever your problem they find a solution. They are very qualified. I like EC Malta because it’s a very good organisation. They definitely are problem solvers. What I like about the school is that they have small groups, good teachers and the staff and technology in the classrooms are better than most universities in my country, Germany. The structure of the course system is pretty good and I like that we are in small groups of max 12 – 15. There’s good harmony between student and teacher. I don’t have a special favourite hang out in the evening because all things are good when you spend time with friends. But I prefer bars around the school and in Sliema and St. Julian’s. I don’t like Paceville so much! It’s good that you have so many different kinds of EC activities. There is an activity for everyone. I would recommend for future EC students to be yourself and be friendly and helpful every time with the school members. The Maltese are friendly and helpful too, more than in other countries.’’