EC Malta Student Testimonial


By Roberto Moran Candelario from Spain

Of course I would recommend EC Malta because it’s a serious and organised school, full of good professionals. There are a lot of schools to learn English in Malta, but probably EC Malta is the best school. I don’t regret my choice, until now is being a rewarding experience. I like a lot of things about EC Malta. If I had chosen two, I would choose the learning and people that you know. I especially like the lessons. They are interesting, useful and funny. Besides, the installations are very good. The course includes a variety of lessons. We make listening, writing, speaking, reading, grammar and vocabulary. In the evening I like to hangout in Paceville, the night entertainment area of Malta. There are a lot of pubs and the good atmosphere is always present. I liked the welcome that the school prepared, with the dinner and the drinks. My only recommendation for future EC students is that the people make the most of the experience.