EC Malta Adult Programme Department Team Activity


Tuesday the 29th just after work, the Staff from the Adult Programme Department met up at the bowling alley to have some fun together. We booked two lanes and played three on each. The pros were on one lane, namely Nat, Stefan and Shane and the amateurs on the other, myself, Maria and Sabine, our German Intern. First game’s highest score came from Stefan, 128, while the second came from, would you believe it Sabine, 122. We have now promoted her to pro level! Afterwards Nat, Stefan, Sabine and myself went for a snack to Fluid, (well Nat’s and Stefan’s burger were as big as a ship so can’t really call it a snack!) after a lot, and I tell you a lot of consideration and suggestions, but at last we agreed. Our next outing will probably be go-karting sometime this month. Really looking forward as when we get together it’s always a good laugh… stay tuned for more!

By Carol Manche