Learning English at EC Malta… A Life Changing Experience

By Student Helen Carvalho from Brazil

Life in Malta has been amazing. Malta is a really cool country to live in: people are nice, the night life is awesome and the weather is not bad. But the best thing I can say about this experience is how much we learn; not only the language, but we also learn things for life.

Living abroad makes you become more independent. And you also learn how to deal better with people since you have to [?] with different cultures. You meet so many nice people that you become friends that you never want to leave them. They become your family while you are here. And we still improve our language. I fell that English is much better now.

All I know is that I’m having a great experience in my life and I just don’t feel like going back to my country now. I made so many friends from everywhere in the world and I know that when I leave I’m going to miss everybody so much. Although I’m going to be fine and happy because I had this opportunity.

Pat, It was awesome being your student!!!

I’m gonna miss you so much! Thank you for everything!!! =)