EC Malta student experience while learning English


Written by KAY KEUSEN, 34, Swiss

Would I recommend EC Malta? Why certainly! I’m impressed about the organisation at the school. If I have any problems the customer care will solve it briefly. The most teachers gave me what I expected. EC has a big effort for students that they feel in short time cosy. EC organise a lot of helpful events to connect with other students. EC Malta has very good teachers – they’re responsive for you and help how much they can. I like the structure of the course and not only copies but rather books. The best course I have ever had visit was the business course with Lorraine. She has had the essence what I need and also suitable drive. In the evening I like to go out to dinner. I’m 34 and I’m not interested in Paceville so I found some interesting locals like Gochi with good mussel or Blue Elephant with excellent Thai food. Also meet some friends in our apartment. My favourite EC event was the International food festival. It is a great cooking event where students from all different cultures bring food from their countries. I had been once here, and EC is much better organized. The effort what EC have to connect students is amazing, also the complain management. “You will feel at home”.