A New Year

A Poem by EC Malta teacher Dion Pizzuto


A new year brings hope that things will improve, a harmonious rhythm to replace the old groove. A fearless challenge to take in one’s stride, a marked improvement filled with real pride.

A new year welcomes opportunities galore. A fresh, new canvass for one to explore. A backdrop for love, life and laughter. A foreground for enjoyment ever after.

A new year necessitates a forward motion, a creative outlook and positive notion. A feeling of happiness to offset hardships. A foundation for developing personal relationships.

A new year combines commitment with leisure. A time for working hard as well as for pleasure. A chance to let those you truly love know. An opportunity to plant seeds and watch them grow.

A new year is a renewed affirmation of spirituality. A self-promise to live life with faithful actuality.

Written by; Dionisius Peter Paul PIZZUTO – 18.1.14.